Trolls target massacre victimís 90 year-old mum.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Trolls target massacre victimís 90 year-old mum. thumbnailBea Worton

In wake of Sinn Fein MP's 'vile and disgusting' tweet Bea Worton reveals details of sick phonecalls.

THE mother of a victim of the Kingsmills Massacre has told how sick trolls have been phoning her to gloat over the death of her beloved son.

Bea Worton, mother of Kenneth Worton, who was gunned down along with nine workmates in the 1976 atrocity, has said she has received a number of extremely disturbing phone calls in recent times.

The 90 year-old grandmother kept the details of the phone calls to herself in an an effort to save her family from further anguish.

"I tried to ignore the calls, and kept the details to myself, I did not want to upset the youngsters," Bea told the Ulster Gazette.

"But the calls were distressing, my family is still grieving but these people can't even let the dead rest in peace. Kenneth was so badly injured that his coffin had to be closed so we never got the chance to see him and say goodbye and now this is happening.

"I am hoping that the spotlight which is being shone on the matter now will hopefully put a stop to these people making these calls."

Bea's son, Colin said he was totally unaware his mother was being targetted by trolls.

"It makes me so mad to learn that this has been happening and it is so hard to hear that she has kept this to herself," said Colin.

On Friday morning at the memorial service at the location where the massacre took place, victims campaigner, William Frazer told those gathered that trolls were phoning to gloat over what was one of the worst atrocities of the Troubles.

"A call came through to my wife," said Mr Frazer. "The person on the line said he was preparing breakfast only to find his loaf was 10 slices short - it must be a Kingsmill loaf."

Mr Frazer told the Gazette that he has received abusive phonecalls when in the presence of the victims' families. A claim supported by Colin Worton who said he has been in the FAIR office when these calls have come through.

"It is hard to work out the mentality of these people when this sort of thing happens," said Mr Worton.

On Friday, the 42nd anniversary of the massacre, Sinn Fein's MP for West Tyrone, Barry McElduff caused huge offence when he posted a video on Twitter of himself in a shop with a loaf of Kingsmill bread on his head.

Mr McElduff 's party colleague MŠirtŪn ” Muilleoir 'liked' and retweeted the controversial tweet although he later apologised for his actions. The West Tyrone MP seems to be isolated within his party with the only MLA offering support being Colm Gildernew.

Mr McElduff has since removed the tweet and apoligised for any offence claiming he did not realise there could be a possible link between the bread brand and the anniversary.

On Monday Sinn Fein broke their silence on the subject with chairman, Declan Kearney describing Mr McElduff 's tweet as "inexcusable" and "indefensible". Sinn Fein later suspended Mr McElduff from all party activity for three months.

Although Mr McElduff says he did not realise the significance of the brand name and the date, few people are convinced this is the case.

"This was a vile and disgusting tweet and beggars belief that someone would stoop so low," said victims campaigner, William Frazer.

"When we are asked why we continue to fight for justice, it is events like this that make us determined to get justice for the victims.

"Republicans want to justify and romanticise their actions and portray themselves as the great defenders of the Catholic community - well they weren't and we will not let them re-write history."

SDLP MLA, Justin McNulty described Mr McElduff 's tweet as 'unacceptable' "Public representatives have a duty to use the media, and in particular social media, in a sensitive and responsible manner. This was not the case in relation to the post by Mr McElduff," said Mr McNulty.


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