Cathal enjoys work experience at the Ulster Gazette

St Patrick's High School pupil spends three days working as a reporter

Cathal enjoys work experience at the Ulster Gazette

Cathal Haughey at work in the Ulster Gazette

Cathal Haughey


Cathal Haughey

Thursday 21 June 2018 9:52

Last week pupils from St Patrick's High School, Keady had the opportunity to experience the workplace.

Students spent five days on work experience at various businesses around the Borough in order to get a unique insight into careers which have caught their attention.
Cathal Haughey went to the Ulster Gazette offices in Armagh.

"The reason I decided to go to the Ulster Gazette was because I want to go and work in the media when I leave school," said Cathal.

"I like journalism because you never know what can happen in a day and it is something to report on each and every week.

"Here is my experience on what working with the Ulster Gazette is like:

On the day before I went to the offices I had two feelings, one was that I was nervous because I was going to meet new people and the other feeling I had was I was excited because I was going to do something different for once instead of going to school.
Whenever I walked into the office it was strange because i am used to walking into school, but now I am walking into a workplace so that made me even more nervous about this.

"The first person I met was John Hooks who is the editor of the Ulster Gazette. I walked into his office and as it was deadline day I spent my first day observing the final pages of that week's edition coming together. The paper has to be finished every Monday at 4pm and I witnessed the team of journalists working towards having the paper on the printing press at their allocated time. John explained that deadline day can be quite stressful especially in a week when a lot of new stories are breaking.

"I watched John putting the newspaper together like putting the images on the page, getting the articles and headlines in the right place and making sure there were no speling mistakes or incorrect grammar. It was very interesting to see what it was like to put a newspaper together because I was always intersted to know how they do it.

"I think that this experience for me and my fellow students will help us because it gives us the feeling of what it will it be like to go into the world of work in a couple of years time."

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