We will never see his like again

Hazel Hammond


Hazel Hammond



A MAN who lost his brother in the 1976 Kingsmills Massacre has spoken of his heartache following the death of well-known victims campaigner William Frazer.

Colin Worton spoke to the Ulster Gazette on Monday ahead of the funeral of the 58-year-old Markethill man, who passed away peacefully at Craigavon Area Hospital on Friday afternoon. 

Over the years, Mr Frazer had five members of his family – including his father and two uncles – murdered, and he worked tirelessly in his campaign to secure justice for relatives of innocent victims who had their lives cut short in South Armagh. 

The campaign by the families of the Kingsmills Massacre was particularly close to his heart as he dedicated himself to fight diligently and directly for answers on their behalf.

Mr Worton, whose 24-year-old brother Kenneth was killed alongside nine of his work colleagues when IRA gunmen ambushed their minibus at Kingsmills, said he loved Mr Frazer like a brother.

“Me and Willie were at school together and even my mother, after losing a son, treated Willie like another son,” Mr Worton said.

“He was the last of a rare breed. There is nobody would fight as much as Willie fought. 

“I’m just gutted and my heart is broken. I don’t think you will ever see his like again.

“I have heard people say if anybody had died and their family were going through financial difficulties, he would have been the first person to put his hand in his pocket.

“He was always very generous; if we were with him ever in the car and he was stopping at a shop he would always have been asking if there was anything we wanted. 

“It’s going to be a sadder place without him. He was a true friend and I loved him as much as I love my brothers.

“There is nothing I can say could show what sort of a man he was.

“You had to walk in Willie’s shoes to understand. At 15 to lose his father was very difficult for him. I lost my brother at 15 so we had that connection long before we were even friends.

“It is so sad he did not see the end of the Kingsmills inquest. He promised us umpteen times he would name the people who were responsible.

“He was the main thorn in their flesh. Willie Frazer didn’t kill anybody or plant any bombs; the only thing Willie did was tell the truth. He was trying to put in what Republicans had taken from him. 

“His interest was only against the men of violence. People have said he didn’t like fenians and he definitely did not like fenians because if you look up the definition of a fenian, it is an Irish warrior. 

“He treated innocent Catholics the same as innocent Protestants. 

“He was a fighter and no matter how many problems he was having with his health, you never heard the man complain,” Mr Worton added.

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