GARETH FOX: New Year, new you... for longer than a week!

GARETH FOX: New Year, new you... for longer than a week!

Gareth Fox

Gareth Fox


Gareth Fox

LET'S face it, New Year’s resolutions are everywhere right now.

Social media is full of motivational quotes about how 2021 is going to be your year. Thousands of pictures have already been uploaded of people atop of mountains, or swimming in cold water - not to mention the delicious looking healthy meals everyone is eating.

Huge, positive change is in the air - but the reality is, more than 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. We just can’t seem to make change permanent. We quickly fall back into our old “I’ll do it tomorrow” habits, old unhealthy eating routines, old longings for a new, healthier, fulfilling path through life. We, as humans, are a system designed to fail - but no one ever tells us that. And more importantly, no one ever tells us why. So why?

The honest answer is that you are the reason why you fail - the way you are built - what your have learnt - the way your mind works. You are not supposed to be changed easily. Change is dangerous, and your mind will do everything within it’s power to sabotage your plans.

Think of it like this: in your mind there is a program that says ‘don’t jump off the cliff, it’s dangerous, you might die.’ This is what we refer to as a survival programme - you have hundreds of thousands of these programmes that are activated every day. They are stored in your subconscious mind and they keep you safe without you knowing that they are being played - they are a kind of survival autopilot.

If these survival programmes could be changed easily, chances are you’d already be dead. If you could change ‘don’t jump off the cliff’ to ‘jump off the cliff’ easily, then you wouldn’t be around for much longer. It might sound like a drastic, unbelievable example, but that’s more or less how it works. You can’t easily change programmes.

But not every survival programme that you have learnt is beneficial to you. For example, you might have been shown, when you were younger, that food makes everything better. So now as an adult, every time you experience stress, you binge eat.

Your New Year’s resolution might be to eat better - but that first, expensive electricity bill that comes in the post, causing you to feel discomfort, will send you immediately for ice-cream or a packet of crisps, and before you know if, you are back where you started.

Your New Year’s resolution might be to go for that promotion, but the first time you have to speak up, immediately that learnt belief that confrontation, or public speaking is scary pops up and tells you that that new position just isn’t for you. And another year quickly goes in, and there you are sitting at the same desk, while everyone around you seems to be able to move up the ladder.

We are built to remain in what is familiar. What is unfamiliar is scary. The person you were in 2020 is most likely the person you will remain in 2021. But understanding is power - there is a way to break the habit of being yourself. There is a way to create a new you and make those resolutions stick.

Over the coming weeks, I will lay out a detailed plan of how to put your life on a new path. From health and fitness to your emotional life, from your work life to your love relationship, I have created a programme that allows you to make significant changes in every area of your life, so that when you are moving towards a better, healthier diet, for example, work stress will not knock you off your path.

I will explain how you can control your emotions and keep your relationship moving forward with the same positivity that it started with.

2021 can actually be your year, you just have to know how. For more information

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