TURAN MIRZA: Who are you spending your time with?

TURAN MIRZA: Who are you spending your time with?
Turan Mirza


Turan Mirza


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If you want to be optimistic and practice positive thinking, you must look carefully at the people you are spending your time with. Do you spend most of your time with people who are optimistic and cheerful, or do you spend most of your time, with those who are negative and who tend to be pessimistic when things don’t go well?

Optimists help us to feel optimistic about things. Even when facing a major problem, optimists can dream of a better tomorrow and continue to put their efforts into achieving their goals and dreams and do not allow failures to interfere with them. By being around each other, people with an optimistic outlook on life do not usually allow negative thoughts and feelings be expressed around them.

To be optimistic does not mean you deny feeling emotional about things that affect you or your world. Optimists do not smile all the time, neither do they never cry or feel sad when things do not go right. Optimistic thinking is simply staying positive and accepting that failure is part of succeeding. This positive attitude is the gift that optimists can give each other.

Optimistic people are often more successful than pessimistic people because they are willing to take risks. Because failures are stepping-stones to success, risk taking becomes easy for an optimistic person because they believe that at the end of the day, they will achieve success, even if there are a few hurdles to overcome along the way.

Optimistic thinking about failures also helps people to problem solve, and being around optimistic people means they are likely to be successful in their workplaces and family lives, because they can see a problem as something to be solved, not relegated to failure status.

Many people wonder if optimism is something that is learned as a child, and whilst it is true that some people are naturally optimistic, most people learn to be optimistic because of life experiences. Therefore, if you are naturally pessimistic, being around optimistic people will help you to learn how to be optimistic as you learn from them and watch them as they react and respond to tricky situations.

Anyone can find their experiences and reactions to things will improve with a little optimism infused into their lives. Dream big dreams and be around people who dream big dreams. The majority of them achieve their dreams because they push on until they achieve them. Many of the multimillion pond companies began as the dreams of optimists and those who shared their dreams shared their successes or went on to create their own success.

Having an optimistic mindset is just that, a mindset, a way of thinking. So, anyone can be optimistic if the choose to do so. If you feel you have tried being optimistic but one thing after another keeps holding you back, then hypnosis can help you change that mindset and give you that positive view on life you have really wanted. Hypnosis can help you gain that mindset. If you would like more information on how that works then connect with me via my website www.feel-good.today.

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