PAUL WATTERS: Roast stuffed chicken

PAUL WATTERS: Roast stuffed chicken
Paul Watters


Paul Watters


International Chef

Our resident chef, Paul Watters, has produced a recipe for roast stuffed chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto ham stuffed with cream cheese chestnut mushrooms and baby spinach with a celeriac and potato mash, baby carrot, asparagus tender stem broccoli and a rosemary gravy.

Paul has over 30 years' experience in the culinary industry.

He has worked in some of the best-known places in the world, such as the Savoy Hotel, the Hilton on Park Lane in London and the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Now working in Belfast, he wants to inspire people to cook on a budget, as well as helping them to learn more about food and how to cook. 


250g chestnut mushrooms (cut up small) 

400g baby spinach

200g cream cheese 


Chicken filets x4

200g prosciutto ham

Black pepper to season


Celeriac and potato mash 

1 celeriac (cut into bite size chunks) 

8 large potatoes (cut into bite size chunks) 

2 tablespoons of butter 

4 tablespoons of semi skimmed milk

1/2 Handful of chopped flat leaf parsley 

Salt and white pepper to taste 



400g asparagus 

400g baby carrots 

400g tender stem broccoli 



1 small onion diced 

1 clove of garlic crushed 

1 tablespoon of tomato puree 

1 1/2 pints of chicken stock 

2 sprigs of garlic picked 




First of all preheat the oven to 180. Then move onto the stuffing - this can be also done the day before to save time.

In a large pan fry off the spinach in a little oil and water and season with salt and pepper. Allow to wilt and withdraw from the frying pan into a small bowl. 

Bring pack to the heat, add a knob of butter and a little oil to fry the mushrooms season with salt and pepper. Cook for 2-3 minutes and allow to cool. 

For the chicken cut down the middle and butterfly and gently pat out. Smear two tablespoons of cream cheese to each filet. Add two tablespoons of spinach and mushrooms at the start of the chicken. Place three rasher of prosciutto ham on a board or large plate and roll (chef's tip - add three cocktail sticks into the chicken's top, middle and bottom as this will help keep its shape).

Once completed heat a large pan, add a drizzle of oil to the pan, add the chicken and season with black pepper. Cook it for five minutes each side and transfer to a oven proof dish and cook for a further 10.


The gravy

In the same frying pan, add diced onion and garlic and rosemary and tomato puree. Add chicken stock, bring to the boil and thicken with preferred gravy mix.



In a sauce pan bring one pint of salted water to the boil, add carrot and cook for three minutes. Add broccoli and cook for a further two minutes. Add asparagus and cook for a further two minutes, strain and bring back to the heat to keep warm. Once the potatoes are cooked add a little milk and butter and for extra colour add the chopped parsley. 

The chicken will be ready when everything else is and it will leak some juice - add to the gravy for extra flavour. Transfer to a chopping board and allow to rest for a few minutes. 


The presentation 

Add the mash onto the plate. Arrange the vegetables on the plate. Slice the chicken to your liking and place on top of the mash. Drizzle the gravy as required and garnish with some picked parsley and fresh rosemary.


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